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Over the years now, our team has improved the learning skills & schooling standard in Nigeria.

Our team again has developed this lifetime project for all private schools in Nigeria. This offer is for interested schools that are willing to have a money yielding website for free. this is the best offer anyone can ask for that we called 

Free school online presence 2020.

During our research, we encounter some crucial reasons why schools in Nigeria are unably engaging in some online activities.
reasons are as follows:

 a) Lack of fund:

 Lack of funds in the school system, some are willing but no fund to establish such a project. 

b) Bad developers: 

We discovered that some unprofessional developers have made it a dead dream. For as many as are willing to install such a project, they failed in rendering the best-served services very well.

 These are the reasons why most of the schools could not install websites because they are scared of who to trust. Worry no more free school online presence is here for you. Our professional designers are all out to tackle any project with sweet designs and layout; don’t forget it is all free.

Attention!!! Attention!!! Attention!!!…. 
don’t miss out on this great opportunity of being a website owner
Comment with your school name.

How can I start

1,) Click on the link below to takes you to our get started page to indicate your interest,
2,) Fill in your details, the school you represent and

Get started form (1)

you will be redirected to a new page with some contents please read and understand before you proceed with the registration.when you are set to start your registration as our client.

a) Let all details provided be correct because provided details can never be edited. if any mistake found could result in re-registering.
When you’re done after some sec you will be informed that your registration to join our awesome plan is successful.


Redirection page to finish Registration (2)

1, input the same name you use in getting started so that the system will indicate you by your name and to update more of your information.
When your registrations are completed / successful. Your new site becomes visible after 1hr time, will be viewed as a site under construction. Everything commences immediately to sparkle a powerful smile on your face.
After 2weeks of your registration marks you! An owner of the best stunning school website in town.
The best part of this plan it’s a one-time in a lifetime offer. Check it out and give us the credit we deserve.
Thank you for your time, looking forward to building a digital world with you.
Comment below with your school name. 

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